Boat 'overflowing' with people spotted at Downtown Kelowna Dock

Party boat 'overflowing'

As British Columbia health officials tighten travel restrictions within our province, evidence of people not following COVID-19 social distancing rules has become commonplace.

A photo was taken by Alice Tunnell on Saturday shows a large group of people boarding and offloading from a boat at the Downtown Kelowna Marina dock.

Tunnell says she and her husband were cleaning their boat which was docked at the Yacht Club when they saw the spectacle.

"They were tip-toeing everybody around trying to find a spot in the boat. We were just shaking our heads and found it to be maddening, frustrating, and defeating to see this."

Tunnell says they watched for a while as the boat made at least one return trip to drop some off and pick up more passengers. "We're all adhering to the restrictions and they are (clearly) not. I don't know how they could have fit any more people on that boat."

"With all the restrictions and the COVID-19 it's maddening to see people blatantly ignoring the orders." Tunnell said.

After being sent the photo, Cpl. Jocelyn Noseworthy of the Kelowna RCMP wants to remind everyone, "it’s important to continue to follow the provincial health orders."

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