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Demi Lovato feuds with frozen yoghurt store over 'diet' options

Demi's fro-yo freak-out

Demi Lovato has apologized after slamming a frozen yogurt store for promoting "diet" foods.

The Sober singer - who has battled drug addiction and an eating disorder - urged officials at The Bigg Chill in Los Angeles to "do better," as she felt they were pushing a diet culture by putting sugar-free and low-calorie foods in prominent positions in the store.

She complained on her Instagram Story: "Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from (The Bigg Chill) when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter. Do better please."

The 28-year-old star vowed to shame other stores she felt were doing the same using the hashtag "#DietCultureVultures."

A representative from The Bigg Chill responded to Demi in her DMs, which she published, explaining they have those alternatives for customers who have diabetes or Celiac disease, vegans and for others who might want the "diet" options.

In her response, the Confident star went on to admit the shop isn't "wrong for catering to many different needs," but insisted "clearer messaging would be more beneficial for everyone."

She later apologized for the weekend meltdown.

After thinking over her actions on Monday, Demi accepted she could have handled the fro-yo fall-out better.

"I am very outspoken about the things that I believe in," she said in a video she posted on Instagram. "I understand that sometimes my messaging can lose its meaning when I get emotional. I am somebody who is just very passionate about what I believe in and I've lived through enough to know when to speak up for people who don't have a voice."

"Because it wasn't clear, I definitely jumped to conclusions and probably shouldn't have gone about this the way that I have," Lovato added. "I'm willing to talk to this froyo shop to help get this messaging right... I'm human and I talk about my struggles. I'm passionate, so I'm sorry that I got the messaging wrong. I'm sorry that I may have disappointed some people."

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