Kelowna says no to participating in another regional growth strategy

Growth strategy nixed

A regionally-funded Central Okanagan growth strategy would be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

That's according to Kelowna city councillor and regional board chair Gail Given concerning a five-year review of the Regional Growth Strategy.

The document, which provides direction on the long-range growth of the Central Okanagan, was adopted in 2014.

Provincial legislation demands that at least once every five years, regional districts consider whether the documents should be reviewed for possible amendments.

Long-range planner James Moore told council a number of successful projects have been completed, some are still in progress or have been identified for future consideration.

There is also an opportunity to add major projects to the plan as time goes on, he added.

Plus, Moore stated a review in the Capital Region took eight years to complete.

He told council his department recommended against the review.

Given agreed.

I think the regional growth strategy as it's printed is still a current document," said Given.

"To spend money to update it, and it's significant...when it is still serving us well would frankly be a waste of taxpayers dollars.

"Hopefully, we get a similar recommendation from all the municipalities within our regional district."

Recently, West Kelowna council also voted against the review.

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