Penticton council will be reviewing a new brewery application alongside the KVR trail

New brewery along KVR?

Penticton could be getting another brewery added to its roster, sitting alongside the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

Marketed as a ‘refreshing stop for cyclists, walkers, joggers and general outdoor enthusiasts alike,’ the spot will sit among fields of barley they use to make their beer and growing fruit trees used for specialty pints.

City Council will be reviewing the application in Tuesday’s meeting from the owners of Abandoned Rail Brewing Company, which is currently under construction at 1220 Davenport Ave.

Plans are for the Trail Store Fruit and More building to be turned into a manufacturing facility and lounge. The tasting room and liquor service which will run both inside and outside on two patios to serve people just 10 feet away from the trail.

Staff are recommending for council to approve the application, stating that the brewery operations would continue to 'add to the vitality of the Naramata Bench area.'

A review from the Liquor Licensing Technical Review Committee (LLTRC) stated that they do not foresee the proposed changes having any negative impacts to the surrounding community.

If approved, a public notification of the proposed brewery will move forward along with consultation and comments from adjacent property owners. Staff would then report back on the results of the public consultation at the May 18 Council meeting.

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