Large group of pelicans play and swim in Osoyoos Lake

Pelicans play in local lake

One Osoyoos resident's evening was made ‘extra special’ when her boating trip was joined by a large group of pelicans on Friday night.

“My husband and I were on the water last night and he was fishing, and at about 6:30 I saw about 20 to 25 pelicans just fly by. They flew to the south from the north end of the lake,” Jill Bromley describes.

“Fishing wasn't very good, so we pulled in the rods. I had my camera with me and we just cruised over there.”

Luckily the pelicans were not afraid or bothered by their presence, so the couple anchored their boat and enjoyed the birds.

“We just sat there and they were so playful, they were clicking their beaks and some of them were lifting off and flying. They came really close to the boat a few times and they just seemed to be playful, standing on a sort of sand bar.”

While this isn't Bromley’s first time spotting Pelicans in the Okanagan, this is the largest amount she’s seen around.

“We never saw more than five together at a time and last night there were probably 40 of them.”

She also noticed these pelicans looked a little different than last time, with a little bump on their beak. When she posted her photos to a local Facebook group, the Osoyoos Loop, a commenter pointed out they were a different species.

“Somebody posted that they were migrating and they were an American pelican and they were just coming through,” Bromley said.

Overall, Bromley thought the sight was ’really cool.’

“We probably sat there for 45 minutes, just watching and enjoying them.”

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