Poor excuses

Re: COVID-19 in restaurants

A whopping 1.5% of cases are tied to indoor dining. Yes, you read that correctly, one point five percent, which can mostly be attributed to Whistler. And we all have to suffer the authoritarian restrictions.

Sounds to me like Dr. Bonnie and the gang are trying to justify locking down the entire Province for the bad luck, and perhaps bad behaviors, of a few pocket places. It's an absolute lame duck excuse from what I can tell.

It is medical tyranny that we're under at this point. Forcing us all to suffer the consequences when it could be handled better by region. They didn't even release data for the Interior Health region. Is it possible that there is little or none to offer?

Why should we have to suffer more strain on already struggling businesses when the businesses here aren't a problem?

The virus has a 99% recovery rate, and the median age of those who have died is 85 years old. The average life expectancy in Canada is 82.5 years old. We've had over a year to get this figured out. Enough is enough.

Time to open up! Go out. Do things. Stop living in fear.

Michelle Cartmell

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