When you gotta go

I have a suggestion for councils' consideration regarding public washroom facilities in urban commercial areas such as Downtown, Pandosy, Landmark, Rutland, etc.

As we are building this city, why not make it a requirement for every so many meters to put a public washroom at street level accessible directly from the side walk. They build it in at their cost and take it out of the development cost charges.

It just makes so much sense, right now as we are building some serious buildings downtown to put this into the design at the early stages, once they are done, it will be very difficult if not impossible to add in at the sidewalks at a later date. I for one don't like the idea of begging a retail merchant to use the washroom because my 9 year old needs to pee as we're downtown for a walk.

Maybe every 150 metres or just every block, I'm sure smarter people than me can figure out the details, but right now is the time to make this forward leap. How far must one walk along the new stretch of Clement before they find a place to pee when they really gotta go. When you want to get people out of their cars more, walkable neighbourhoods and aging populations and such, how can this not be on more peoples minds.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Jeff Frank, Kelowna

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