Penticton Rotary Student of the Month is Ian Heck

April Student of the Month

The Penticton Rotary Club's Student of the Month for April is a well-rounded Grade 12 student with unstoppable work ethic and big dreams for the future.

Ian Heck is finishing his final year at Princess Margaret Secondary, busy with university applications ahead of graduation in June as well as his many hobbies like squash, rock climbing and foreign languages like Spanish.

His favourite course is physics — and it shows in his 100 per cent mark in the course — but Heck's teachers describe him as a model student overall.

"He exemplifies the qualities that we look for in our students," one said. "Accountability, integrity and respect ... helpful to others and strong academically."

Heck has also been described as inquisitive and detail-oriented, never satisfied with the bare minimum of effort. When Heck sets his mind to a project, he sees it through to its full potential.

His teachers also share that he is a leader in his classes, helping his peers whenever they need it. Outside of school, he finds time to volunteer.

Since he is torn between pursuing physics, his passion, or business in his future, he hopes there will be a path to meld the two together. Whatever he chooses, though, his teachers agree that he will succeed.

The Rotary Club of Penticton Sunrise picks one high school student each month to honour, an individual who exemplifies unique combinations of achievement in scholastics, extracurricular activities, community involvement, leadership and service to others.

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