Sun Peaks mayor said rate of positive test results seems to have slowed, bringing 'relief'

Sun Peaks cases plateau?

A total of 25 people in Sun Peaks have confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday, but the rate of positive test results seems to have slowed, according to the mayor.

Al Raine told Castanet Kamloops 26 people were tested for the virus on Monday. So far, results have come back for 18 people, and all those tests were negative.

“That’s good news,” Raine said, adding that people have been nervous since weekend testing showed a sharp increase of positive tests.

“It appears that it’s now contained to a couple of small groups…we’re breathing a sigh of relief.”

Raine said a Sun Peaks daycare closed on Monday “out of an abundance of caution,” but has since reopened.

On Monday, Interior Health said in a emailed statement that no further local testing will take place at Sun Peaks, and any remaining people who require tests will need to travel into Kamloops.

“As many nurses as possible are required at the central testing location, and at the many immunization clinics that are taking place across the Thompson region,” IH’s statement said.

“We have to carefully allocate resources where they are best used to help the majority of the population. The focus now is on immunizations to get people protected against COVID-19 as quickly as possible.”

The health authority said anyone who comes from Sun Peaks to Kamloops for testing must be symptomatic, and should self-isolate except when they travel to get tested.

“Then, they are directed to remain in self isolation until their test results return. If they are positive for COVID-19, they must isolate for 14 days and longer if they remain symptomatic.”

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