Castanet asked people on the street, 'what are you looking forward to post-COVID?'

Post-COVID excitement

Victoria Femia

It's been over one year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, and while it may feel like a never-ending cycle of lockdowns and quarantine, the continuous rollout of vaccines makes it seem as though there’s hope for some normalcy.

A new poll suggests more Canadians than ever say they intend to get vaccinated against COVID-19, while fears about vaccine safety is the main driver of hesitancy for getting an injection.

An online poll taken last weekend by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies showed at least eight in 10 people surveyed said they intend to roll up their sleeve for a vaccine.

That number has been steadily rising for months, as vaccines have been rolling out in Canada and around the world, starting at 63 per cent in mid-October, rising to 70 per cent in early February and hitting 73 per cent in early March.

The world could be getting closer to normal once enough people are vaccinated.

Castanet hit the streets to ask people what they are looking forward to most post-COVID.

The most common answers weren’t expensive things like travelling or going to concerts, but the most frequent response was “to see my family and friends.”

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