Revelstoke yoga studio getting support from around province after receiving fines for in-person class

Support for fined studio

The operator of a Revelstoke yoga studio has received an outpouring of community support after being fined for holding in-person classes.

Rebecca Marchildon of The Alchemy Yoga Studio was fined more than $2,500 for holding what RCMP called a group-fitness class in violation of provincial health orders.

Marchildon, who opened the studio in August 2019, said it was not a fitness class, but a low-impact stretching class of five people in a 1,300-square-foot facility.

“It was not a group fitness class, it was a yoga class, which is low-intensity stretching basically,” said Marchildon. “We are not a fitness facility, we are a yoga studio.”

Since the fines became known, a Gofundme page has been launched to help Marchildon and she has received numerous calls and messages of support.

“We have been getting phone calls from all over the province in support of us and people calling to say we are doing the right thing,” Marchildon said. “It's been really quite overwhelming and amazing.”

There has also been lots of support locally with area businesses even chipping in to build an outdoor yoga deck.

And that support is very much needed for the fledgling business.

“This is the third closure and it has really put me over the edge. We started out business six months before the pandemic hit, so we have fallen through the cracks of a lot of aid that we could get.”

Marchildon said Alchemy does not meet the necessary requirements for government aid.

“Financially, we do not qualify for a single thing from the government,” said Marchildon.
She said businesses must have a certain number of employees – her yoga instructors are sub-contractors – and the business must show positive cash flow in 2019.

“That's the year I started my business, toward the end of August, so we were in the hole because we were starting a business, so of course we weren't making money yet,” she said. “We just keep falling through the cracks.”

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