Animal waste found throughout home of Kamloops dachshund breeder, court documents allege

Breeder's home filthy: SPCA

The operator of a wiener dog breeding operation that was raided last week by BC SPCA investigators had multiple rooms in her home soiled with urine and feces, according to court documents.

A search warrant was executed at a property on Knouff Lake Road on April 7. SPCA investigators said they seized 38 dachshunds — 10 adults and 28 puppies.

According to search warrant documents obtained by Castanet Kamloops, investigators were initially tipped off about conditions at the property in a phone call on March 18.

SPCA investigators followed up with visits to the property on March 22, March 25, March 30 and April 6 before returning with a search warrant on April 7.

According to the warrant documents, written by SPCA animal protection officers, the breeder was given a number of warnings during those visits to clean up her property and provide adequate access to water and “sanitary living conditions” for all animals under her care.

During the March 25 visit, the documents allege, investigators encountered a “strong and overwhelming smell of ammonia” throughout the house on the property. Investigators said they saw wire cages inside and outside the house.

“One of the rooms was carpeted and covered in feces and urine staining,” the documents read.

“One of the downstairs rooms that did not have dogs inside contained dozens of piles of feces that [the owner] stated had been there for two years. Some of the feces appeared fresh.”

On the March 30 visit, the documents allege, investigators counted 46 dachshunds on the property. A number of those dogs were put in foster care prior to the April 7 search.

According to the warrant documents, ammonia tests in the home showed elevated readings — a potential sign of high levels of urine.

In the documents, investigators said a number of the dogs at the property were showing signs of being fearful, including tucking their tails between their legs.

According to the documents, a veterinarian who inspected the property on behalf of the owner told investigators “things need to change” in the house.

Marisa Panter owns Rainbow Dream Dachshunds and told Castanet Kamloops last week she was “dumbfounded” by the SPCA’s decision to seize her dogs. She said she’s considering fighting the seizure in court.

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