Sea lion spotted on remote Vancouver Island logging road

Sea lion on logging road

Bears, deer, squirrels — all common sights on remote B.C. logging roads.

But a sea lion?

Greg Clarke was driving down a dirt road towards Holberg on the north tip of Vancouver Island when he came across just that, CTV News reports.

“I came around the corner on my way home and there was a sea lion in the middle of the road,” he said.

He managed to capture the moment on video, showing the sea lion hopping towards him aggressively.

“He was feeling threatened by my truck so I backed off but at the same time he started coming towards me pretty hard,” Clarke told CTV, adding the mammal charged his pickup a couple of times.

“It was probably the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen,” said Clarke.

The sea lion was about three kilometres from the shore at Holberg Inlet.

“We suspect that he swam up the old Holberg Inlet and then came up the Goodspeed River as far as he could go there and then for some reason got out or got confused and then he just started going up the road,” Clarke said.

with files from CTV Vancouver

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