Motorcycle crashes off Eastside Road into Skaha Lake on Sunday

Motorcycle crashes into lake

A motorcyclist ended up in Skaha Lake on Sunday morning, after hitting a rough patch of gravel on Eastside Road between Penticton and Okanagan Falls.

A call came in for a single-vehicle motor vehicle accident, with a motorcycle involved, at around 11:45 a.m., according to Okanagan Falls fire chief Fred Dobransky.

“Luckily there were some good samaritans that pulled over and actually called in the accident. There were two bystanders that were with the patient in the lake when we arrived on the scene and had the first aid kit out.”

The cyclist appeared to be heading southbound on Eastside Road.

“It sounds like the one cyclist hit some gravel on Eastside Road and he went into the lake with his motorcycle,” Dobransky explained.

“His bike was in the water, he was kinda leaning up on the shore lines. He didn't go very far into the lake, maybe roughly two feet. The water's pretty shallow there.”

Emergency Health Services and RCMP arrived on scene shortly after.

“Got the patient out of the water and onto a stretcher, responded back to Penticton.”

The motorcyclist appeared to have facial injuries, although the extent of his full injuries is unknown.

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