'We for She' student organized conference diving into women and empowerment

'We for She' conference

Students at Penticton Secondary School are co-organizing a virtual conference called We for She South-Okanagan, taking place on April 28.

A conference designed for both male and female individuals from grades eight to 12 that will provide them an “Inspiring, hands-on, and transformative deep dive into women and empowerment.”

The conference theme, “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling,” is meant to harness the collective power of women everywhere to make lasting changes that bring new opportunities.

Students will hear from inspirational speakers from inside and outside Canada, listening to ideas, opportunities and new perspectives.

The $15 registration fee will include a dinner, a swag bag and a hardcover book from the award winning slam-poet Dominique Christina, who will be attending the event. The event runs from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“My team and I have put a tremendous amount of work into the creation of this event and believe that it will be very impactful for all of those who attend,” Ella Nuttgens, one of the co-organizers said over email.

To register, students from the School District 67 are able to sign up through the link here.

Individuals from out of the district will need to email [email protected] with their first and last name, age, email and phone number.

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