Do you support open-net fish farms in B.C.?

Poll: open-net fish farms

Mowi Canada has won a temporary reprieve from an order preventing the company from stocking two open-net salmon farms in the Discovery Islands.

A Federal Court judge granted an injunction that Mowi Canada and three other salmon farming companies sought against an order by federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan, who refused transfer licences and ordered all salmon farms out of the Discovery Islands by the end of June 2022.

Jordan’s order applies to about 30% of Mowi Canada’s operation in B.C., and would have a financial impact of close to $200 million. It also affects the operations of a smaller operator, Saltstream, which has a single salmon farm in the area.

“While aquaculture in the Discovery Islands may pose a risk to wild salmon populations generally, it has not been established that the risk from allowing the transfer of fish into three sites is great enough to weigh against granting the injunction,” Justice Peter George Pamel says in his decision.

“The harm to Mowi and Saltstream, as well as their employees, their families and other businesses in the community, in particular First Nations businesses, will be real and substantial if the injunction is not granted.”

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