Do you approve of how the B.C. government has managed the pandemic?

Poll: pandemic approval

The past two months have not been particularly fantastic for elected officials who have to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Delays in vaccine procurement led to sudden changes in provincial procedures.

Canadians are starting to lose their patience, as some components of the economy open while others remain closed.

When Research Co. and Glacier Media asked Canadians about how the federal government is managing the pandemic, 51% were satisfied. This is the lowest level recorded in eight different surveys conducted over the past 12 months and well below the all-time high of 70% observed in June 2020.

The COVID malaise also hit provincial governments. In British Columbia, 83% of residents were satisfied with pandemic management in June and September of last year. Now, only 65% feel the same way. This is still the highest proportion for any provincial administration, but significantly lower than what was observed before last year’s snap election.

In stark contrast, Alberta posted its best rating on COVID handling (65%) in March 2020. This month, just 37% of the province’s residents are content, three points higher than in January, but still the lowest among the four most populous provinces.

Perceptions of provincial performance are also down in Quebec (58%). Ontario joins Alberta this month as the only other province to fall below 50% on this indicator (45%, well under its high mark of 78% in April 2020).

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