Horoscope: April 11-17


Those full of their own importance come up against obstacles from those who can see through their bluster.

Arrogance backfires in a big way as reality sets in. Emotional dramatics do not get desired actions or reactions.

he law is laid down and some are told to just shut up. This could happen in public so have an exit plan ready.

Endings create beginnings that are blessings in disguise. It's OK to jump ship or change horses in midstream.

Those going the wrong way will do so at their own peril. Jealousy is a nasty trigger for some of this activity.

The new moon in the fire sign of Aries motivates many to take matters into their own hands.

ARIES: Be the spokesman for others as there is need for leadership or direction on various levels.

TAURUS: Matters over distance require some attention to details. Look closely at all information.

GEMINI: You will feel more secure when you know where your support or backing come from now.

CANCER: The pressure you apply is met with equal pressure in response. Don’t go out on a limb.

LEO: You can do things remotely or actually go there in person. In any case, they need your input.

VIRGO: Settle differences in order to smooth things over. Your future security is in the right place.

LIBRA: A private or secure location works wonders for you or loved ones. Move some items there.

SCORPIO: Respect for you grows as others understand what you are trying to do for everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: Luck with finances or assets allows you to relax a bit when making changes.

CAPRICORN: Instruct or show others how it’s done in order for completion time lines to work.

AQUARIUS: You inform others publicly or in powerful ways. They know you have expertise.

PISCES: Others come on board with you as they see the benefits without the usual effort, etc.


Horoscope: April 4-10


Grand or expansive plans get underway, much to the relief of others, especially investors.

Public opinions can be an influence to some degree. Make sure steps are taken in proper order to avoid issues down the road.

Revealing discussions will placate worries. Efforts to calm will have success. Leaked information will have to be dealt with then put aside.

Personal relationships grow nicely with certain ones becoming more romantic; it’s time.

Restrictions ease. Talk about travel destinations or locations to live. A lighter feeling in the air is noticed on many levels as humour is added to conversations.

Bring past matters up to speed. Evolve.

ARIES: You can speak out now as your plans are ready for show and tell. Others have been waiting.

TAURUS: Relax a bit as you have things organized in a way that they are easier to handle or finish.

GEMINI: Your words can derail those who were against you as you have important inside information.

CANCER: You present yourself in a different light hoping it will have the effect you have envisioned.

LEO: Settle any outstanding matters in a win-win solution for all involved. Sign off with the past now.

VIRGO: Work around restrictions or others control issues and things will ease up the way you want.

LIBRA: Take care of certain matters privately to dodge those trying to block you path or distract you.

SCORPIO: Shoulder the mantle of responsibility and others will relax and let you take control, etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Discuss secrets behind closed doors or over secure communications. It is important.

CAPRICORN: Others feel better with you close by as they can tap into your knowledge or expertise.

AQUARIUS: You shine in the media or public arena. Speak, write, teach or demonstrate your talents.

PISCES: Your concept of how things should look will influence the final results over others’ objections.

Horoscope: Mar. 28-April 3


Leaked information will show who some of the players are in back room deals. This is important to those still sitting on the fence trying to decide which way to jump.

Consider long-term career goals and how status or reputation will be affected by your choices. Short-term gain can become long-term pain and not the other way around.

The full moon will tip the scales in relationships of all types. This can include legal matters. Stay calm. Luck is in the air with finances.

There is also value added to assets for some. This happens a few times this year so no need to rush into things or push deadlines.

Certain situations have closure or finality.

ARIES: Be front and centre as you have the stamina to take care of whatever is really going on.

TAURUS: Take a closer look at finances and your power base. Relax and stay on course now.

GEMINI: Do a relationship review in business or personal areas to see who is on board with you.

CANCER: Presentation and protocol will be important as you try to impress certain people. Chat.

LEO: Explain clearly; this will calm and comfort those who need to hear from you near or far.

VIRGO: There will be some extra cash or perks available. Take a closer look at important issues.

LIBRA: You have the edge in all dealings. Your charm will override others droning on too much.

SCORPIO: Others are watching as you blossom or take on extra responsibility. They approve.

SAGITTARIUS: Friends and associates become closer as bonds deepen over shared benefits.

CAPRICORN: Make decisions that could have long-term effects in more than one area. Pause.

AQUARIUS: Chats are fun and entertaining in any location. You relax with each other more.

PISCES: Your magnetism is strong now, so it’s a perfect time to take advantage of everything.

Horoscope: March 21-27


A search for information or evidence goes up the ladder until it reaches someone in authority who can release it in one form or another.

Abide by rulings until they can be updated or changed. Navigate in areas that are protected or designated safety zones. Stay the course with the tried and true.

Ancient knowledge can still be applied to modern situations; dig deeper.

Improve lines of communication or equipment. Make sure files are backed up in alternate spaces.

Those with opposite points of view need to keep it civil to avoid conflict so stick to the truth.

Romance is in the air as the search is on.

Present yourself in ways to attract what you want.

ARIES: Private meetings have some success after you present a convincing case for your needs.

TAURUS: Long-term plans enhance your status as long as you don’t get side-tracked. Stay strong.

GEMINI: Pull associates onto the same page as you brainstorm in the best way to handle things.

CANCER: Find out where you stand as this will affect status or reputation. Deal with the past, etc.

LEO: Produce some sort of evidence or proof in concrete form before taking a stand or leaving.

VIRGO: Be more independent and you will have some success with what you want done now.

LIBRA: You can partner, marry or otherwise join forces with others. United strength is calming.

SCORPIO: You shine on the job or in any leadership role. Others agree you know your stuff.

SAGITTARIUS: You are lucky in love and money this week. Meet with key individuals privately.

CAPRICORN: You are at a key moment of opportunity. Change things up or take leap of faith.

AQUARIUS: Step forward as the strong mature one. This settles matters related to others etc.

PISCES: Make sure you have the final say on anything time sensitive. Instincts are working.

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