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2018 Catena High Mountain Malbec

High Mountain Malbec

Wine: High Mountain Malbec, 2018

Winery: Catena, Argentina

Why drink it? At this time of year, the wine world usually congregates for the Vancouver International Wine Festival; this winery was in the 2020 roster, and this dry, medium-bodied Malbec is currently available in government stores. Three high elevation vineyards, topping out at 4,747 feet, provide the grapes. Blackberries and blueberries on the nose, with hints of violets, what you’d expect from a Malbec. It’s perhaps juicier than expected, with flavours of deep purple fruits and currants, smooth tannins, and a soft, but lengthy finish rounded out with oak notes. A great, unexpected, value.

Pair with: Malbec easily lends itself to lamb and beef dishes and the obvious choice is steak. Choose hearty rather than spicy, and consider playing with sage. A Bolognese sauce over pasta, grilled eggplant, or almost anything that involves bleu cheese.

Price: $20-$25

Music pairing: Waiting in Vain, Annie Lennox

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