The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland needs a permanent foster for a bonded father-son duo who will need extra care

Cat foster homes needed

Casey Richardson

The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland is looking for a forever foster home for a bonded pair of cats that may have fewer legs, but a lot of heart.

“Pops and Jack are an amazing father and son duo,” Jess Byer, Critteraid animal director said.

Pops is eight years old and Jack is two years old and while they both have not as many limbs as usual, it doesn’t stop these two from fully enjoying the cat life.

Pops had to have one leg amputated, he is a ‘three-legged champ,’ as Byer describes. He does have another medical condition which means there needs to be no other cats in the home.

“Pops has a medical condition called FIV and he has a very severe col virus that he carries, which you can see prominently on his nose. When he gets stressed, he gets a bit of a rash.”

Jack has one eye and his two back legs are fused behind him but he is ready to climb around a cat tower even better than the usual feline.

“Critteraid will help and assist with all their medical care because we don’t know what the future holds for them,” Byer said.

“If you are interested or want to know more about these wonderful, wonderful boys, please just email us … They are incredible and they will be some of the best friends you’ve ever had.”

For information on Pops and Jack and the fostering process, email Critteraid at [email protected]

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