New interactive map showcases regenerative farms/vineyards in Canada

Farmers wanted for map

Regeneration Canada has unveiled a first-of-its-kind interactive map of regenerative farms across the country – and it's looking to add more spots.

Castanet visited Sperling Vineyards, the only Interior farm currently on the map, to learn more about regenerative farming and why it's important.

"We don't use pesticides or herbicides, we are strictly organic. In the end, the product we put on the table, our wine, we find is better and for the human being, there's no poison in it," says Rickard Branby, winemaker and vineyard manager at Sperling Vineyards.

Not only is it better for humans, it's also better for the earth.

This new-age farming process stops carbon from releasing into the atmosphere from the soil, avoiding further damage to the ozone layer.

"We do limited-to-no interfering with the soil. We don't turn it over, we scrape it, and we keep it more compact," he adds.

"So the soil won't get rid of the carbon, so it stays in the soil and keeps it better fertile," he continues.

Regeneration Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting soil regeneration in order to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, improve water cycles, and support a healthy food system.

Branby points out the noticeable climate change that has taken place over the past decade.

"Just look up north, around the Kamloops area. That's where the future of vineyards are because it's getting warmer and warmer the further up you go," he says.

There are already five BC farms on the map, which is free of charge. It connects you to these earth-loving farmers and tells you how you can buy their products or visit them.

If you’re a regenerative farmer interested in putting your name on the map, click here.

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