Robber drops wallet during chase in Vancouver, makes it easy for police

Thief leaves wallet behind

A robbery suspect made it easy for Vancouver police.

As a customer was leaving a store at Kingsway and Victoria on Monday, a man ran by and grabbed the man's phone wallet

The victim pursued the thief, and as the suspect ran off, he pulled cash out of the wallet and threw the phone to the ground, which his victim picked up while continuing to give chase.

To slow his pursuer down, the suspect used pepper spray, which wasn't effective. He then pulled a handgun on the man, but then turned and ran.

Sometime during this part of the chase, he dropped his own wallet.

When police arrived, they found the wallet, went to the address of the person it belonged to, found the suspect and arrested him.

They're now recommending charges of of robbery with a firearm, assault with a weapon, and breach of conditions.

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