One-bedroom rent in Central Okanagan climbs $114 in February

Rent rises in February

The price of rent for one- and two-bedroom apartments both took a jump last month in the Central Okanagan, although one was more significant than the other.

According to rental statistics from Castanet’s classified section, the average cost of 49 one-bedroom units on the website in February was $1,282, which represented a $114 jump from January. It was also the fourth most expensive month on record.

The increase in two-bedroom rent was much smaller last month; the average price tag of 67 listings in February was $1,792, which was only a $7 increase from the month before. It was, however, the third most expensive month since Castanet began keeping statistics.

The average one- and two-bedroom rent prices last February in the Central Okanagan were $1,225 and $1,627, respectively.

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