Participants raise more than $50,000 over the weekend for Kelowna's Gospel Mission's Strides to End Homelessness

Community comes together

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s 10th annual Strides to End Homelessness event raised more than $50,000 over the weekend.

Due to COVID-19, participants were not able to walk together like in years past, however everyone was encouraged to participate with their own bubbles.

“Instead of a big walk where everybody walks together, people simply went in their individual bubbles for their own walk - whatever distance they wanted to and all the money still went to the right place,” explains Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s executive director Carmen Rempel.

“The fact that we not only met our goal but exceeded it has the team pretty pumped.”

All money raised will go towards the shelter’s services including the emergency shelter, Harmony Ministries, women’s transitional homes, meals, outreach, individual wellness plans and more.

Rempel says the Mission wasn’t sure how fundraising would go this year due to the pandemic but was pleased to see the community come together once again for Kelowna’s vulnerable population.

“Our community has really stepped up this year to ensure no one in our valley goes without food or a place to live,” she says.

$50,245 has been raised so far. Click here to make a donation.

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