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2016 Rollingdale Fort from West Kelowna

2016 Rollingdale Fort

Wine: Fort, 2016

Winery: Rollingdale, West Kelowna

Why drink it? Fort is a fortified port-style wine made with organic Marechal Foch grapes, so it is to be sipped with care, at 22 percent alcohol, though you won’t feel the effect immediately. But you will feel it. This is a rich wine, and from the first sniff of the aromas of blueberry jam and toasted nuts, your sweet tooth will sense a treat is coming. The blueberry element combines with flavours of back cherries and dark chocolate, candied almonds, and a bit of raspberry on the finish, which is lighter than expected, but still leaves all of these flavours lingering for some time.

Pair with: You could get yourself a very creamy brie or other soft cheese to spread on a cracker and top with a touch of jam, or you could experiment with this in a cocktail. But all you really need to do to enjoy is sip slowly after dinner on the last cold night before spring.

Price: $39

Music pairing: Easy, Dragonette

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