People are still dumping stuff at the Vernon Salvation Army thrift store

Dumping still a problem

The downtown Vernon Salvation Army Thrift Store has been closed for months, but some people are still dumping items in the back alley.

And it's taking money away from Sally Ann programs aimed at helping those in need.

The Salvation Army must pay to get rid of the dumped items. Recently, several recliner chairs were dropped off behind the store, all of which will have to be taken to the landfill.

“I can't say there is a terrible amount of dumping being done, but it definitely still occurs,” said Aux. Lt. Neil Thompson. “It is an ongoing issue, but probably we are used to it at this point.”

A Salvation Army employee must load up the unwanted items and pay for the dump fees to get rid of the items.

“It definitely costs money,” he said.

Goods being dumped at the Salvation Army thrift store in the Anderson Subdivision is also an ongoing problem.

“It still happens. I think our thrift store staff are pretty quick at cleaning it up,” said Thompson. “People still do it and they know someone else will clean it up and pay for it. It's unfortunate.”

Thompson said the food bank is “doing well right now. Donations through Christmas certainly helped.”
The annual North Okanagan Realtor Food Drive was not held last year due to COVID concerns.

The one-night food drive collects thousands of pounds of food, but Thompson said the public came through with food donations in lieu of the realtor's event.

“It was amazing, over Christmas we saw an increase in food donations as well as monetary donations.

The Christmas fundraising campaign set a record with $640,000 donated, well above the $500,000 goal they had set.

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