Conservation Service says picking up lynx by scruff a risky move

Leave wildlife to experts

Experts are asking the public to let them deal with potentially dangerous wildlife after a viral video showed a northern B.C. man picking up a lynx by the scruff.

The BC Conservation Officer Service says, after conducting an investigation, no enforcement action was taken.

The lynx made headlines this week because it killed some chickens belonging to Chris Paulson, a farmer in the Burns Lake area. Paulson filmed himself while lecturing the animal and walking it back to the scene of the crime.

He posted the video to Facebook on Sunday night. However, the post was removed a few days later.

Robert Leblanc with the BCCOS says while human encounters with lynx are rare, it’s not recommended to handle one by the scruff.

“This could have ended much different,” Leblanc said.

“Attempting to capture wildlife and being in possession of wildlife are offences under the BC Wildlife Act. Lynx are fascinating animals, they are resilient and opportunistic hunters.”

After filming the video, and taking a couple of selfies, Paulson let the lynx go and even took pity on it by giving it the two chickens it killed.

In encounters like this, calling conservation officers is the simple choice, Leblanc said.

“Wildlife can be dangerous and unpredictable,” he noted. “Best practice is to leave it to the professionals and call the RAPP Line (1-877-952-9277).”

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