Do you use your phone while driving?

Poll: texting and driving

A new survey from ICBC suggests most drivers think texting, talking and looking at your phone while driving is risky — but 38 per cent still do it.

The survey reveals 95 per cent of British Columbians think texting while driving is risky. Talking on the phone while driving comes in second with 88 per cent and looking at your device behind the wheel comes in third with 80 per cent. All of these acts are considered distracted driving and they are all very risky.

Since the province’s distracted driving law came into effect in 2010, more than 455,000 tickets have been issued in regards to people using their phones while driving.

Looking at statistics, more than one in every four fatal crashes in the province involve distracted driving. This is why police and ICBC continue to spread awareness on dangerous driving behaviours which claim approximately 78 lives each year.

This month’s campaign ‘leave your phone alone when you're behind the wheel’ urges drivers to steer clear of using their devices when operating their vehicles.

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