Stretch of Highway 97 south of Vernon has seen numerous accidents recently

Too many accidents

Keli Westgate has seen far too many accidents on a stretch of Highway 97 south of Vernon.

And the former Green Party candidate said something has to be done about the stretch of road from the city landfill to the Vernon Army camp.

Westgate lives in the area and sees first-hand the dangers of that section of highway.

The latest crash was a rollover accident near Clerke Road and the turnoff to the Kalamalka Lake lookout.

“Based on what I've seen in the last few months, I would like to see the speed limit lowered in that area as a starting point,” said Westgate.

“As someone who has personally witnessed two accidents in the past month, it's disturbing and something needs to be done.”

Westgate has also seen vehicles hit wildlife on that section of road.

“I personally witnessed a deer get hit about dusk a few weeks ago,” she said, adding a friend of hers also struck a deer in the same area between College Way and the look out turn off.

Westgate said drivers heading north on Highway 97 have to cross two lanes of busy highway traffic if they are turning onto Clerke Road and anyone pulling out from either Clerke Road or the Kal Lake turnoff must rapidly accelerate to highway speeds.

“Obviously, there are experts that would know better than me, it just seems like common sense that lowering the speed limit would give people a bit more time to react,” she said. “Having it 90 (km/h) there is incredibly dangerous.”

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