Interior Health says it has been involved in discussions with WHL over return to play plan

IH: WHL plan has merit

Officials with Interior Health have had a chance to look over the Western Hockey League's plan to allow the league's BC Division to return to the ice.

However, chief medical health officer Dr. Albert de Villiers says any decision is ultimately up to Dr. Bonnie Henry.

"We have been involved in the discussion...I have seen the proposal," says de Villiers.

"It is still under discussion, but there has been no decision made."

During her press conference Thursday, Dr. Henry indicated changes to the restrictions currently in place will have to wait a little longer. She indicated places of worship and youth sports could be next to open up, but did not indicate if youth sports includes junior hockey.

"I think they can make it work with the current plan they have in place," said Dr. de Villiers, adding there is potential for it to go forward if it meets Dr. Henry's criteria.

Dr. de Villiers did issue one word of caution.

"There are some concerns from our point of view that it might send a message that certain people can do certain things, and other people can't."

Under the plan before the province, the league would establish hub cities in Kelowna and Kamloops, which each of the five teams playing a modified 24-game schedule.

The remaining 17 WHL teams have already been cleared to play. The Central Division begins play Friday.

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