Facebook post leads Lake Country man to his stolen work truck

Carpenter's truck found

A Lake Country carpenter's search for his stolen truck has ended successfully thanks to a community Facebook post.

Tony Routledge says his neighbour showed him the post around 7 p.m. last night.

"It was a Facebook post on a group page and she recognized the vehicle and ran over and told us," said Routledge.

He immediately called police and informed them. Upon arrival, police were able to confirm it was his 2003 Ford F350 that was stolen out of his driveway early morning on February 10.

It was found abandoned by a mailbox on Ponderosa Street just off the Pelmewash Parkway in Lake Country. The truck sustained significant damage, including a giant hole in the passenger door and wrecked ignition.

"There was crowbars, drug paraphernalia, and weird stuff like a 'Beware of Dog sign' inside of it," said Routledge.

He says the truck was also filled with garbage and caution tape, but believe it or not, it is the result Routledge hoped for.

He had around $5,000 worth of carpentry tools in the vehicle and combined with the value of the truck and his upgrades, he estimates his loss would have been about $20,000. However, insurance quoted him $9,000 to replace it.

"What they offered us, I wouldn't even be able to buy an older version of that truck," says Routledge.

Unfortunately, his expensive carpentry tools were gone and will need to be replaced.

"I've spent so much on that truck – at least $12,000," he explains. "The thought of writing it off just scares the crap out of me to be honest."

As for the outcome of his story, Routledge says if you're ever in a bind – stay hopeful. "You can't get anywhere if you're looking behind, just look forward," he says.

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