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City council has endorsed its community vision

West Kelowna has a vision

The City of West Kelowna has taken a step closer to a new Official Community Plan after endorsing its community-inspired "Community Vision."

The vision, adopted by city council Tuesday, helps chart the direction the city will take over the next 10 years, and beyond.

The city began seeking input for the community vision in late June of last year, and culminated with a "Did We Get It Right?" which produced further refinements.

More that 2,150 questionnaires and feedback forms were completed, providing more than 6,500 distinct inputs which went into the five foundational themes and 23 key directions to work toward.

Mayor Gord Milsom called the vision a "significant accomplishment" which will serve as a foundation for the updated OCP.

“A strong Community Vision is the basis of all of our plans and policies in a community. It provides the direction for where we want to go as we grow. Council and staff are grateful for the community’s participation in sharing what they value as we look to the future of this beautiful city," said Milsom.

“Continued collaboration and partnerships with Westbank First Nation, agencies, organizations and people who learn, live, work and play in West Kelowna will achieve the vision of a caring and resilient Greater Westside community for everyone.”

Work on the new OCP and Transportation Master Plan are expected to begin in the spring.

The complete updated Community Vision will be available at www.ourwk.ca on Monday, March 1.

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