Kelowna author Jack Whyte passes after lengthy battle with cancer

Celebrated author passes

A famed Kelowna author has passed away at the age of 80.

According to the author's website, Jack Whyte passed away Monday night after a lengthy battle with cancer.

"With great sadness, we observe the passing of Jack last night at the age of 80. The world has lost a giant of character and literature and so much more. We are so fortunate that he leaves behind so much of himself in his novels and other writings," says the site's webmaster, Mark Burgess.

Whyte is a Scottish-Canadian novelist of historical fiction with 17 best-selling books to his name.

Whyte was born in Scotland before moving to Canada in 1967 and eventually settling in Kelowna.

Whyte's major work to date is a series of historical novels retelling the story of King Arthur against the backdrop of Roman Britain.

After almost 25 years Whyte revisited the world of his original novel, Skystone, with the release of The Burning Stone, a prequel to his original book.

Since that book was published, Whyte's health took a turn for the worse, "I’m sure he’s already donned his kilt and is watching all of us holding a glass of smoky scotch with a glint in his eye and a rye comment on his lips," Burgess says.

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