Off-duty firefighter rescued family in Dawson Creek blaze

Off-duty house fire rescue

Divine intervention is what Lynnette Fritshaw says about a Dawson Creek house fire earlier this month.

Fritshaw, a firefighter by trade, was off duty when the blaze struck as she happened to be leaving her house for a day of skiing.

“Right place, right time. Higher powers. Whatever the case, lives were changed forever that morning,” said Fritshaw. “Ours included. We are beyond thankful for the outcome, and truly honoured to have been able to be there when needed.”

Fritshaw sprung into action as soon as she saw smoke billowing nearby. Her husband Wade accompanied her to the burning home after they alerted the fire department.

The pair banged on the door to see who was home. A mother and her two young daughters answered the door. The family was unharmed.

“We didn’t know if anyone was home, and were just about to kick the door in when the light came on and faces appeared at the top of the stairs,” said Fritshaw.

Fritshaw helped the mother get winter gear on her kids, got them all outside, and moved the family’s vehicle.

As they exited, the roof burst into flames, and firefighters pulled up, says Fritshaw.

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