How are you?

How are you? I repeat how are you? You would think it is a simple answer. I'm fine or not....

The other day the response was “I'm waiting for life.” I found it odd and it gave me pause. Daily life can be disagreeable and difficult but these days it seems to be more challenging. It has created a lot of uncertainty which is coming to us wearing different masks. It might be fear, worry, frustration, depression, or anxiety. So think about this- we have 86,400 seconds in a day to live. No more. Just today. We cannot foresee the future or what is in store for us. So why are we worrying about the future? I believe 'there are more things that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.' (Lucius Seneca)

Have we become so egocentric, with an overdeveloped sense of rights, that we think we are entitled to have everything our way? Maybe that is the cause of society's problems. I believe it is the cause of a lot of our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We talk about the need for things to change in this world. We may want to know more, yet we are often not prepared to listen because we are so caught up in ourselves or what we want to say. When we limit our understanding don't we limit our ability to reason? Life is about moving forward. Each added moment is a gift. No one can force you to be happy but what if you change your attitude and redirect your focus? What are your plans for your 86,400 seconds? Or do you just want to 'wait to live' again?

Mary-Anne MacDonald, Summerland

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