The new world of woke

Just read that some teachers in the USA are declining to teach Shakespeare because and I quote
“Shakespeare’s works are full of problematic, outdated ideas, with plenty of misogyny, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism and misogynoir,” Misogynoir refers to the hatred of Black women.

Some believe Shakespeare promotes racism, white supremacy and intolerance through his works, according to the Daily Mail. By not allowing one of the worlds most revered author does this not seem like censorship to anyone else?

Our first PM, Sir John A. McDonald is judged by todays woke standard and found deficient. Another really bad guy. Winston Churchill. You know that terrible person that stood firmly against the Nazi’s? Also on the woke list. Abraham Lincoln, a known racist. Actually if you look beyond their accomplishments hard enough you could conclude in their day they were not judged by todays stand but the standard of the time. That doesn’t make it right but might explain some things.

Welcome to the new world of woke. Destroying reputations, cue Wendy Mesley, bullying on line with social media causing anyone who dares to challenge the woke ideology is deemed to be evil and must suffer the consequences. Not allowing anyone to speak at any meeting, especially a university, ie Patrick Moore at the University of Regina and blocking access to those who dare not conform to the woke thinking.

Welcome to the new woke generation. Glad I am an old white guy and will not live to see the end result of all this. Good luck Canada.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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