Graffiti fine in the right area

Re: Graffiti affecting downtown

Graffiti is fine if it is in the right area. I have always thought it brightens up an alley when it has been done there. I do not think there should be gates put on the breezeway downtown at the cost they are saying and then to have someone lock them every night and unlock them every morning. The cost is crazy. Put the art work somewhere else where it won’t be destroyed and leave the breezeway open. Or , close the breezeway for good.

This is another waste of tax payers money like the bike lanes that are going to be installed for the 6 bikers in Penticton or the roundabout that the motel for numerous low income people rented was destroyed. People do not have the money since Covid and can’t afford more taxes to pay for things that are not needed. Put our money to the things we need.

Rossanne Sinclaire

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