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Judge approves $17-million payout to Harvey Weinstein's accusers

$17M Weinstein payout

A judge has approved a $17 million payout to the women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Bankruptcy judge Mary Walrath overruled the objection to the settlement from some of Weinstein's victims, insisting that without the payout the plaintiffs would get "minimal, if any, recovery."

Judge Walrath reasoned that 83 per cent of the claimants in the case "have expressed very loudly that they want closure through acceptance of this plan, that they do not seek to have to go through any further litigation in order to receive some recovery, some possible recompense... although it's clear that money will never give them that."

The money, which will come from the liquidation of The Weinstein Company, will be split between more than 50 plaintiffs - with the most serious allegations receiving payouts of $500,000 or more.

In addition, the company's directors and officers - including Harvey's brother Bob - will also receive releases which absolve them of any potential liability in enabling the disgraced producer's conduct.

Prior to the settlement being approved, 39 of Weinstein's accusers had voted in favour of the payout, while eight were opposed.

Those who are still opposed to the settlement will have the option to forgo their money if they want to continue pursuing their claims against Weinstein outside of bankruptcy court.

Weinstein is currently behind bars, after he was sentenced last year to 23 years in jail for rape and sexual assault.

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