Get paid to eat candy and chocolates as a 'candyologist'

One sweet job posting

Have you ever wanted to be paid to eat chocolates and candies? Well, your dream job awaits.

Candy Funhouse in Mississauga, Ont. is currently looking for two 'candyologists' and the best part — it's currently remote work.

"We are currently looking for full-time and part-time candy and chocolate taste testers, also known as ‘Candyologists’!" states the company on their job posting.

The future employee will be responsible for tasting and reviewing the 3,000 products they currently carry.
"We are looking for honest and objective opinions on the products that will be taste-tested."

The sweet staff member will also help select the candies featured in Candy Funhouse's first-ever branded candy line.

There will be hundreds of possible options and the candy connoisseur will narrow it down to ten new and original candy creations for the line.

If you're interested, drop off your resume to be a part-time or full-time candyologist.

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