Vancouver man fined $2,500 for illegal nightclub in apartment

Tickets for makeshift club

A Vancouver man has received $2,500 in tickets and a potential prohibition on hosting large parties after police busted his "booze-can" this weekend.

The Vancouver Police Department was called Saturday night by a woman who had been invited to a party at a condo downtown on Richards Street. She decided to go to the party and upon arrival discovered about 100 other people had made the same decision.

That's when she called the cops.

The home was already on the cops' radar, as they'd received four complaints about social gatherings in the last month, the VPD states in a press release.

So, Saturday night they decided to invite themselves.

When they first arrived they found a doorman at the entrance. He wore a protective vest, carried a counting device and had cash on him. After talking to the police he held two more things; a pair of tickets. One was for hosting an unlawful event, the other was for not wearing a face covering. They added up $2,500.

The VPD is now talking with Crown counsel in an effort to get a court to prohibit the apartment's owner from hosting any large parties, according to the release.

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