Penticton wildlife photographer on top 100 amateur photographer of the year list

Photographer on top 100 list

A Penticton photographer with a love of capturing wildlife has earned herself a spot on the Top 100 2020 West Coast Traveller's Amateur Photographer of the year contest.

With nearly 30 000 entries to the contest and only 16 selected from the wildlife and nature category, Meghann Fletcher earned a coveted spot with a shot of twin great-horned owls.

“I know I got my love of birds from my Mom and I have been interested in nature for as long as I can remember,” Fletcher said over messenger.

Fletcher has also had her photos published in an American magazine, Okanagan newspapers, calendars, the S.S. Sicamous photo book and online articles.

“I have also had my photos featured on Global News and the Weather Network. In 2019, I donated a photo of a Western Meadowlark I had taken to the Penticton Hospital. That made me really happy.”

But her largest most recent accomplishment was having a photo of a Red-shafted Northern Flicker being published in Birds & Blooms. The photo was run in a special section called Bird Tales, Winter-Ready which featured reader’s photos with the article 15 of the Snowiest Bird Photos Ever!

Fletcher describes getting the shot, out one morning in late February after Penticton had a large snowfall.

“I went out with my trusty Nikon camera to one of my favourite spots for Winter bird activity, an Oxbow which is really special to me. The air was crisp and the snow was lightly falling. It was so quiet and peaceful outside. The snow was sparkling and it felt like the world was standing still.”

She watched as a striking woodpecker, the Northern Flicker, landed on the snow-covered branch in front of her and snapped a photo.

“I could tell this was a male because he was sporting a handsome red moustache on his face, as well as red on the underside of the tail,” Fletcher explained.

“His movements were quick as he made his rounds between mountain ash berries and crab apples.”

She added that the abundance of wildlife in the Okanagan is huge and there are many places to spot different species.

“Along the channel in Penticton, you can find Raptors like Eagles, Hawks and American Kestrels. There are also songbirds like Meadowlarks and Waxwings. There are waterfowl such as Swans and Buffleheads. We are so lucky to live in the Okanagan.”

Fletcher hopes to be on the front cover of Canadian Geographic someday.

To check out more of Fletcher’s photos, visit her Facebook Page, Okanagan Moments Photography By Meghann

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