Another jogger in Stanley Park attacked by a coyote

Coyote bites jogger, again

The BC Conservation Officer Service is investigating another coyote attack in Stanley Park.

According to a tweet by the BCCOS, the incident happened Thursday evening at approximately 5 p.m. while the woman was jogging in the Hollow Point area on the west side of the park.

The woman was bitten and the force of the incident knocked her down. She was taken to hospital for treatment.

The BC Conservation Officer Service Predator Attack Team is now tracking the coyote.

More trails have had to be closed to the public and the COS is asking the public to respect those closures.

The BCOS indicates the description of the coyote in this latest incident is not the same as the two previous attacks and two coyotes have already been euthanized due to their aggressive behaviour. The BCOS believes the coyote's behaviour has changed because they are being fed.

Over the past week, there have been multiple sightings and reports of joggers and cyclists being followed by coyotes in Stanley Park.

As a result, CO's are patrolling the high-use areas in Stanley Park and they are working to educate the public around human-wildlife conflicts.

Coyote sightings in Stanley Park are not unusual but coyotes pursuing people is not normal behaviour, which leads the officers to believe that someone is feeding the wildlife.

It is illegal to feed dangerous wildlife, such as coyotes.

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