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James Blunt's home robbed

Singer/songwriter James Blunt is on the hunt for his grandfather's pocket watch and other personal belongings stolen from his home in Ibiza last week.

According to The Daily Mail, thieves broke into the villa the You're Beautiful singer shares with his wife, Sofia, on Thursday and made off with clothing, keepsakes from his military service, and jewelry.

Blunt has launched an appeal in a bid to get the items back.

"My only real sadness is that they took some cufflinks and an old pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather, and a bayonet from my time as a soldier in the Kosovo war in 1999," he says. "I would gladly pay a reward for their return."

He then joked, "The thieves took about 100 items, including a black and white cowhide rug that my wife didn't like, so I suspect she could be involved.

"They also took all my T-shirts and shirts. They can't have a very good sense of aesthetics."

Police reports suggest there were three intruders. The officials are still looking for clues and information.

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