Give moose lots of space says conservation officer after one seen at Vernon elementary school

Moose visits Vernon school

It was a rare sight when a moose and calf were spotted near Silver Star Elementary School Tuesday.

The wild animals were seen in the East Hill neighbourhood of Vernon, near dusk.

Conservation officer Micah Kneller says the moose charged at several people, but no one was hurt and the moose has not been spotted since.

Kneller said the moose likely made its way into the neighbourhood from the hills in the BX area.

In the spring, a cow and calf were spotted in the East Vernon Road area, but Kneller couldn't confirm it was the same pair.

Moose can be dangerous, and Kneller says the best thing to do if you encounter one is to give it space. Don't try to get close to the moose to take pictures.

“They are different than predators, but they can be dangerous because they are big and they can be aggressive, especially a cow with a calf, because they are protecting the calf,” he said.

“If they are crowded or they feel threatened, they could charge, and they can stomp people with their front hooves.”

“If you find yourself in a situation where it is charging, put something between yourself and the moose so it can't get to you,” said Kneller, adding a tree, telephone pole or a vehicle will offer some protection.

Dogs are another concern when it comes to the large herbivores.

“Just like deer, moose don't like dogs, so make sure your pets are on a leash, otherwise they could be hurt by the moose, or they could lead the moose right back to you if it is charging after the dog,” Kneller said.

If a moose becomes a problem in a populated area, conservation officers have little choice but to put the animal down.

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