Fake COVID-19 vaccines sold online which may pose risk to health

Don't buy vaccines online

ImmunizeBC is warning the public not to purchase COVID-19 vaccines being advertised online.

The organization says they've received reports of e-mails and websites offering to sell vaccines, but they are a scam.

"Do not buy or use COVID-19 vaccines sold on the internet or from unauthorized sources as they are counterfeit, may pose risks to health, and are ineffective at protecting you from the COVID-19 virus," ImmunizeBC wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

"These scams take advantage of genuine fears and worries, targeting those who are most vulnerable in our communities."

According to the organization, which is funded by the BC Ministry of Health, the only way to access safe and effective doses of the coronavirus vaccine is through clinics organized or endorsed by your local public health authority.

Any information on the sale or advertising of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines should be reported to Health Canada.

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