BC man wins largest individual BCLC prize of NFL season

Sports bet wins big

A British Columbia man has won the largest individual BCLC prize of the NFL season.

Garry Blanchard of Hope B.C. picked up a cool $77,316.59 on Sports Action’s Toto, along with significant bragging rights.

Blanchard’s big win of $77,316.59 came on Week 17 of the NFL season, but the process was agonizing.

“I was sweating and going nuts,” says Blanchard, who has been playing Toto for the better part of a decade. “I knew I had the morning games all correct so I was really sweating those afternoon games.”

Things came together for Blanchard once the Chargers pulled off the upset win against the Chiefs, giving him all 13 games correct. The next question for Blanchard was how much he had won?

“I was thinking maybe I had won $4,000 to $5,000,” says Blanchard. “My wife came running into the room screaming that I was the only one who had got all 13 games correct, so when I saw that I was in disbelief.”

Blanchard says he feels great as the winner of the largest Sports Action prize of the NFL season and he plans on sharing some of his winnings with his family.

No word on which way Blanchard is leaning for this weekend's NFL divisional matchup games.

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