Recent Kelowna police chase over bridge caught on dashcam

Police chase caught on cam

A local man caught some wild dashcam footage of a police pursuit over Kelowna's William R. Bennett Bridge Thursday night.

Brendan Davie was driving east across the bridge into Kelowna just after 8:30 p.m. when a white SUV went flying by him, closely followed by several RCMP vehicles.

“We were crossing the bridge when we noticed them coming up behind us at a very high rate of speed,” Davie said. “We then saw the driver of the white SUV avoiding the roadblock set up for them by turning right at Abbott Street.”

It appears the driver of the SUV drove over a spike belt the officers had laid out across the road.

“Pretty impressive show of force and coordinated response by the RCMP to stop the person,” Davie said.

But unfortunately for the police, they were unable to stop the driver of the SUV, and the officers stopped their pursuit shortly after in the interest of public safety.

Strangely, it's unclear why the driver of the SUV initially fled from police. On Friday, Cpl. Jocelyn Noseworthy of the Kelowna RCMP said police had attempted to pull the vehicle over as it matched the description of an SUV that was involved in a shooting at a West Kelowna gas station earlier that night.

“Our investigation later determined that this vehicle was not involved in the incident in West Kelowna, and all indications are that this driver was fleeing from police for other unknown and unrelated reasons,” said Cpl. Noseworthy.

“Regardless, the behaviour of this driver was extremely dangerous, and put everyone at risk. We are now treating this as a separate criminal investigation and are working to identify the driver.”

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