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Rotten meat with written warning ends up in Peachland yard

A rotten meat warning

A woman in Peachland says she was shocked and appalled when she discovered two zip-lock bags filled with what seemed to be old hamburger meat in her yard – and one of the bags had a warning on it.

Leslie McKellar spotted the bags when she was cleaning her backyard on Thursday afternoon.

"STAY THE HELL FROM MY PLACE," one bag reads.

"I told my husband someone might be trying to poison the dog or it's a warning," McKellar says.

She is fairly certain the bags contain old ground hamburger meat.

"I opened one bag and the stench hit me," she said.

McKellar believes the strange message has something to do with her dog, but she doesn't understand why she's being targeted, as there are many dogs in the area.

"It's upsetting that somebody is pissed off and went to that extent," she said. "The actions that they did could have harmed my dog."

McKellar's four-year-old dog is a small Maltese-Shitzu. If he had eaten the meat, he could have gotten ill, as she suspects it was rotten.

She describes her Peachland neighbourhood as quiet and friendly, with neighbours knocking on one another's doors with homemade cookies in hand.

"If you have a problem, have the decency to knock on the door. I'll put the coffee pot on and we'll resolve it," she says.

McKellar and her husband filed a report with the RCMP and they have contacted the BC SPCA, but she's warning others to be on the lookout.

She and her husband will be monitoring the situation closely and contacting police if they receive another cryptic message.

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