Oliver fire crews rescue dog, two people from wastewater treatment pond

Sewage pond dog rescue

Oliver fire crews assisted with an unusual rescue Friday morning after a dog and a man became trapped in a wastewater treatment pond at the public works yard.

Fire department spokesperson Rob Graham said two engines and approximately 10 fire fighters attended the scene around 8:30 a.m.

"They have a dog pound on the same property, and a bylaw officer had an issue with one of the dogs, and it got away from her and got into one of their [treatment ponds]," Graham explained.

"The bylaw officer tried to get the dog and fell in themselves. One of the public works employees that was nearby there jumped in to assist, as well as fire crews that were called and arrived on scene."

There were thankfully no major injuries, though one person was taken to hospital out of caution. The dog was also fine.

"But it's not the best pool to be in, that's for sure," Graham said.

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