Costco plan stinks

Re: Council endorses Costco

Of course they would. Did anyone seriously think otherwise? This Council is determined, in my mind, to remake our beautiful livable City into a quagmire of high density. It boggles  the mind to envision the traffic nightmare when this project is done.

So the magnanimous Costco has pledged a couple million to help with the redesign of the obvious inferior roadway system around the proposed development. Hmm. Doesn’t that sound like a bribe? Obviously taxpayers would revolt if the project was going to cost us increased taxes so Costco can have a gas bar. But wait. I didn’t see any estimates of final costs of the roadway redevelopment. What happens when we find out our true cost?

I feel for the current residents of the area. They have no one to represent their wishes. Good luck trying to sell your Condo facing out to Costco or perhaps in the immediate area.

I will remember to vote in our next civic election. Will you?

Robert Hepting

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